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IKEA releases film in ode to its beloved blue bag

Following on from the blue bag's recent viral moment , IKEA has released a short film celebrating the Frakta tote and its multitude of uses. The film was created with  IKEA 's advertising agency partner Acne  and shows the blue bag in different situations, being used for different things. It was released following a period of massive interest in the Frakta bag, which began with fashion brand Balenciaga creating a £1,705 version of the 40p tote . "When in April the media started writing more and more about the resemblance between the two bags we saw the opportunity to have some fun with it and we came out with a viral ad within a couple of days," said Acne, referring its spot-the-difference guide . "IKEA's Frakta has broken through into design consciousness" In today's Opinion column for Dezeen , Will Wiles argues that the bag's internet popularity has been driven by a generation stuck in a rotation of rental flats. At one point in the short film, released today, a woman bundles her boyfriend's clothes into the bag before tossing it onto the street, while another clip shows the bag being worn as a fashion accessory. A later scene appears to have taken inspiration from hacked products made from the tote – such as baseball caps and thongs. It captures a dog wearing a Frakta bag กระเป๋าสตางค์ ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก พร้อมส่ง coat. "Frakta is a real symbol of what IKEA stands for," said Acne. "IKEA is for everyone, the ones with thin wallets and the ones with larger wallets." "IKEA makes design, quality and functionality available for the many people. Being part of everyone's every day.

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